United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

UNOG, Palais des Nations Unies Enlarge image UNOG, Palais des Nations Unies (© StV-AT)

is a permanent body of the UN General Assembly, dealing with trade and sustainable development issues as well as taking particular account of the concerns of developing countries. Established in 1964, it currently consists of 194 states, with offices in New York and Addis Ababa. Since 2013, Dr. Mukhisa Kituy has been Secretary General (Kenya).

UNCTAD’s work is based on its priorities consensus building and policy dialogue among industrialized and developing countries, economic policy research and analytical work as well as technical assistance to support developing countries with a focus on current issues related to globalization, the integration of developing countries into the international trading system and the promotion of investment.

As an UN forum for economic consensus building, UNCTAD is accepted by the developing countries as a fair transformer of "western" economic and development policy positions. This is exemplified by its work in developing countries without developed research and analytical capacities, for which it has important information and advisory functions (including debt management, trade agreements and national legislation). Germany is represented in numerous UNCTAD Committees by experts and is actively involved in several projects directly through financial support or technical expertise.