Germany in the United Nations

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German policy in the United Nations

The commitment in the United Nations is a central element of German foreign policy. Germany is a significant contributor and is involved in a number of peacekeeping missions. Furthermore, Germany is a strong advocate for a reform of the United Nations.

COP 23

The United Nations in Germany

Government officials and organisations and stakeholders from the business, environment and technology sectors from all over the world will meet at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn in November ...

UN building in Bonn

UNRIC - United Nations, Regional Information Centre for Western Europe

Germany in the United Nations

UN Bonn -"Langer Eugen"

Germany’s candidacy for a seat on the Security Council in 2019/20

German Security Council candidature logo

Germany is seeking to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Former Foreign Minister Steinmeier announced the candidacy for 2019/20 in Hamburg on Monday (27 June). The elections are expected to take place at the General Assembly in June 2018.

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The ILO's German Window

The ILO's German Window.

When you get inside the building of the International Labour Office in Geneva, you see a great many of artful objects, some of them shaped in a bizarre way, which are exhibited there in the main entra...