Germany to pay additional 50 million euros into the Adaptation Fund

Nov 21, 2016

Ein ausgedörrtes Feld in Kirgistan Enlarge image (© picture-alliance/ dpa) Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks commented: "The Adaptation Fund helps local populations in many countries to increase their resilience to climate change and to conserve ecosystems. It ensures that climate finance goes directly to where it is needed".

Germany is increasing its contribution to the international Adaptation Fund. The German Environment Ministry will provide an additional 50 million euros in 2016. This will benefit in particular people living in regions that are especially vulnerable to climate change. The Adaptation Fund finances measures such as flood protection and switching to new climate-resilient cultivation and irrigation methods in the agricultural sector.

So far, Germany has paid 140 million euros into the Adaptation Fund, making it the largest donor. The Adaptation Fund has launched 54 projects to date with funding of 354 million US dollars. Further projects with funding of around 220 million US dollars are under preparation. The Fund is financed by a charge on revenues on the international carbon market (certificates from the Clean Development Mechanism). The low prices on the carbon market have resulted in underfunding.

The Adaptation Fund finances specific measures for regions that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. This includes projects on food security (Cook Islands, Pacific), securing local grazing management (for example in Mongolia), flood protection (Georgia) and coastal protection (Senegal). The work of the Adaptation Fund underwent an independent evaluation in 2015 and was found to be efficient, effective and relevant.

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