More than 10mn Dollars for Human Rights

Dec 15, 2016

Flags of Germany and the United Nations Enlarge image Flags of Germany and the United Nations (© dpa / picture alliance)

Germany has increased its voluntary contribution to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights budget by almost 1.5mn Dollars. Thereby, Germany’s total contribution to the work of the office hits 10mn dollars this year, the largest amount ever. "We are pleased to support OHCHR’s excellent work at a time, when human rights worldwide are under pressure and are in need of a strong advocate," Ambassador Daerr said at the occasion of the signing of the treaties.

Germany supports the OHCHR for its work worldwide. Country projects in Syria, Myanmar, Ukraine and elsewhere benefit from these voluntary contributions. Equally, the OHCHR’s work in thematic areas such as the right to adequate housing, the right to privacy and the rights to safe drinking water and sanitation are supported.

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