329th session of the ILO Governing Body

Mar 1, 2017

ILO, International Labour Organization Enlarge image ILO, International Labour Organization (© StV-AT)

As one of the 10 permanent members of the ILO Governing Body, Germany is going to participate actively. Current ILO topics are transferred into the ongoing G20 process by the German presidency.

For the second time, the Governing Body is convenes under German chairmanship. Since July 2016, Ambassador Dr. Ulrich Seidenberger is the chairman of the ILO Governing Body. He holds this position until June 2017.

The agenda is filled. Out of more than 50 topics, the presentation of the program and budget proposals for the years 2018/19 by ILO Director General Guy Ryder attract special attention. The proposal is a, compared to 2016/17, a “real zero growth” budget, worth 800 Mio. US$. The funds shall be used in an even more efficient way, especially regarding the enormous present and future global challenges, such as the migration- and refugee crisis and the 2030 Agenda. An additional 15 Mio. US$ are available for operative tasks (generated through savings in the administrative area). With this money, 26 new positions, especially for field missions, shall be created. After being discussed and adopted by the 56 members of the governing body, the two-year budget is submitted to the vote of the International Labour Conference in June.

Within the framework of the High-Level-Segment, the Governing Body is going to deal with the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for a sustainable development. ILO´s contribution to achieve the development goals that are dealing with labour and social issues shall be concretized. Different topics are the impact of Climate Change on national labour markets and the role of ILO in the UN development system. Furthermore, questions about social reliability in multinational enterprises and, interconnected with this topic, working- and social standards in global supply chains are going to be discussed.

Finally, complaints against individual member states because of violations of ILO core standards are treated. The country-cases Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela and Qatar are on the agenda. Critical discussions and constructive decisions are expected.


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