A further 235 million euros in stabilisation and humanitarian aid

Mar 27, 2017

Inhabitants return to the liberated city of Tikrit Enlarge image Inhabitants return to the liberated city of Tikrit (© dpa)

Germany is increasing its funding for aid to people in Iraq and in Syria. The commitment to provide an additional 235 million euros in stabilisation and humanitarian aid was made at a meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh in Washington. “IS is retreating on all fronts,” Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel commented on Germany’s decision. He went on to say that “It is especially important now for the international community’s support to remain firm. A long and difficult road still lies ahead for people in Iraq and in Syria.”

IS on the retreat

The international community’s concerted efforts to counter the terrorist group are having an effect. IS is losing more and more territory. Many of its strongholds, such as Tikrit, Ramadi and Fallujah, have been liberated, as have considerable sections of the large city of Mosul. The Syrian city of Raqqa is also on the verge of being liberated.

Reconciliation and stabilisation

Despite this, Foreign Minister Gabriel warned that

"Although the latest military successes against IS are crucially important, it is clear that the fight against IS cannot be won by military means alone. We therefore support the Iraqi Government’s efforts to bring about reconciliation and economic stability, and we are pressing for a political solution in the Syria conflict."

Germany’s priorities

The Coalition Working Group on Stabilisation is co-chaired by Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Efforts in Iraq focus on strengthening the regional governorates, restoring the water and energy supply, rebuilding roads and promoting peaceful coexistence of the various population groups. IEDs also need to be removed, and people need to be given access to work and education.

Life after the reign of terror

The additional funds in the amount of 235 million euros are to be used to achieve these goals and to help the population live in freedom and security, once IS’s reign of terror has ended. Foreign Minister Gabriel underscored this aspect: “People will only return home if they have confidence in a bright and better future.”

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