Donor-Conference for Yemen – Germany pledged over 100 Mio. €

Apr 25, 2017

Yemen Enlarge image (© StV-EA)

On Tuesday, the 25.04.2017, the international community came together in Geneva for a donor conference for Yemen organized by the UN, Sweden and Switzerland. The objective was to draw attention to the devastating humanitarian situation in Yemen and to strengthen humanitarian aid. Bärbel Kofler, the German commissioner for human rights & humanitarian assistance, pointed out that in face of the emerging famine in Yemen and the worsening humanitarian situation since the war outbreak two years ago, the donor conference takes place at just the right moment.

In Yemen, one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis is currently taking place. Since the beginning of the war in March 2015, almost 3 Mio. Yemenites were displaced and are now living in camps under precarious conditions.  18,8 Mio. people – 9.6 Mio of them are Children – depend on humanitarian aid. In addition, the country – especially the western part - is in danger of a hunger crisis. Today, almost 500.000 children suffer from acute malnutrition and food insecurity affects 17 Mio. Yemenites. 4.5 Mio people are urgently in need of assistance to prevent and treat acute malnutrition, which is an increase of 150% since 2014. Since nutrition and medicine are hardly available or extremely expensive, the alarming rates of malnutrition will continue to increase.

Mädchen wartet auf Wasserausgabe Enlarge image (© IRIN)

Even though humanitarian assistance cannot substitute a political solution, the German Federal Government is convinced that timely assistance can prevent further human suffering. Despite bureaucratic and administrative obstacles as well as the extremely difficult security situation, humanitarian access exists to 80% of people in need. However, the UN-Call for humanitarian response/assistance for Yemen is currently only funded by 15 %.

During the conference, Bärbel Kofler announced that Germany will contribute in a substantial manner to the urgently needed humanitarian aid as well as to further development. For 2017, Germany has pledged 50 Mio. € for humanitarian aid and 55 Mio. € for development. Strategic priorities of the German humanitarian assistance are Food & Nutrition, Medical Care, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (“WASH”) and Protection. The projects are based on a “Whole-of-Yemen” approach and focus primarily on regions hosting many Internally Displaced people as well as on neighboring countries hosting Yemeni refugees.