Germany supports the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) enhancing e-Trade in developing countries

Dec 21, 2017 | StV-G.Sch.
28.11.2017: Unterzeichnung der Projektvereinbarung „e-T.Ready „  durch Botschafter Dr. Ulrich Seidenberger und die Stellv. Generalsekretärin der UNCTAD Isabelle Durant.

Signing of the project arrangement „e-T.Ready“ by Ambassador Dr. Ulrich Seidenberger and Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD Isabelle Durant. E-commerce and digitalization are key issues for economic ...

More aid for Somalia

Dec 7, 2017 | Auswärtiges Amt
The humanitarian situation remains precarious. A refugee camp in Somalia,

Germany is increasing its contribution to the United Nations Trust Fund for Somalia by over three million euros. This brings its contributions to the United Nations’ endeavours to bring peace and stab...

Human Rights “Check-Up” of fourteen UN member states in Geneva

Nov 6, 2017 | StV
Uno Geneva, Human Rights Council Room

From 6th to 15th November the Human Rights Council looks into fourteen states’ respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights. Czech Republic, Argentina, Gabon, Ghana, Peru, Guatemala, Benin, Rep...

Session of the ILO Governing Body

Oct 30, 2017 | StV
Bronze sculpture, "Triumph of Labour" at the ILO

From October 26th to November 9th 2017, the 331st meeting of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation will be held in Geneva. As in the past, Germany will continue to play an active...

World Food Day 2017: Five questions and answers on hunger

Oct 17, 2017 | Auswärtiges Amt
Dramatic situation in war zones, such as here in Syria

On 16 October of every year, the United Nations observes World Food Day – thus spotlighting the millions of people around the world suffering from hunger. The Federal Foreign Office is working to help...